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ToEE dryhumped at UGO

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ToEE dryhumped at UGO

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 30 September 2003, 22:55:50

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil

The UGO boys have churned up a review of Temple of Elemental Evil. They really dug it, giving it an overall score of a B, saying things like this:

Watching the giant frog emerge from the water in a spray of watery mist, hop up to my dwarf and stick its tongue out to grapple him for a few rounds before swallowing him whole was just jaw-dropping. This was only my party's first encounter, and it got better from there. The 3D animated models really bring the D&D creatures we are all familiar with to life. Seeing an eerily animated horde of hungry ghouls repelled by turning undead, or watching your barbarian obliterate an enemy in a shower of particle effect blood and then cleave another attacker, is all so beautiful. Hell, even watching your mage decipher a scroll, encircled with floating multicolored runes, makes even some of the more mundane tasks entertaining. Oh, and did I mention mages can craft magical items such as rods or wands, brew a potion and scribe scrolls?

It's little things like the frogs that eat people which make me wish this game had more time. If Troika implimented something like that, imagine what they could have done in the time it took some other games to be developed.. Nameless games, which don't even have cloaks!

Thanks, Vault Dweller!

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