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Dev chat with Master Creating concluded:

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Dev chat with Master Creating concluded:

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 1 October 2003, 06:16:49

Tags: Master Creating; Restricted Area

Here's the mostly uneditted chat log of the developer chat tonight with our bestest buds in Germany, Master Creating. Tonight, we discussed things like making guns and naming body parts, sex with machines, and evil:

[EEVIAC] So we can have an impact on the world?
[JanB] There are some side quests and also some events that only happen in one game and not in the next
[JanB] Well, that has to do with one of the endings and I would prefer not to tell it yet...
[JanB] Did I mention there are mutliple endings??
[Saint_Proverbius] There are endings based on what you do like Fallout?
[JanB] Yes!
[JanB] And that´s your fault, btw
[Saint_Proverbius] All CRPGs need those.
[EEVIAC] Evil endings?
[Motu] very evil...
[JanB] Evil for you or evil for the world? Or both?
[EEVIAC] Evil for the world, most definately.​

Of course, we didn't have many people show up for this, but it was still a lot of fun because we're all fun guys here at this site.

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