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GameBanshee twaps ToEE

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GameBanshee twaps ToEE

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 4 October 2003, 17:29:50

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil

GameBanshee popped up with a review of Temple of Elemental Evil. They didn't like it much. In fact, they gave it a ripe 6.0/10. OUCH!

Here's a clip:

Alignment is also important during TOEE?s character creation. It limits the selection of characters you can have in your party; so that a Neutral Good group can only contain that alignment and adjacent ones: Lawful and Chaotic Good, and True Neutral. This determines where your party starts up and the selection of quests you receive. In all honesty, though, some of the changes were merely cosmetic, a matter of being sent to the same area and fighting the same monsters for different reasons. Some quests are only available to some alignments, however, and the game length could vary widely, as a result. Once in the TOEE module, alignment has no effect, at all. You aren?t faced with moral dilemmas and dialog/action choices whose outcomes can shift this factor.

That's not entirely true. Play it more than once, and you'll see that your choice of party alignment, as well as the openning quest you get, actually does have an effect on dialogues. Of course, there's really not much evil to do in Hommlet. *sigh*

Spotted this on Sorcerer's Place(And I spelled it right this time, Urban!)

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