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Next week's chat - inXile

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Next week's chat - inXile

None - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 8 October 2003, 04:44:50

Tags: Brian Fargo; inXile Entertainment; The Bard's Tale (2004)

Yup, come chat with Brian Fargo and at least one other guy at inXile about his new company! Discuss his plans for Bard's Tale, what they typically have for breakfast, why hanging out at the patent office can be fun and rewarding, and various other cool things!

When: October 14th, 2003 at 8PM ET(5PM Pac)
Where: #rpgcodex on irc.gamesnet.net
Who: Brian Fargo, aka Faran Brygo, and others from inXile
Why: He was on the short list of developers with names that rhyme with Tyin' Cargo.​

If the humor on the website is any indication, fun will be had by all!

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