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The Bard's Tale (2004)

The Bard's Tale (2004)

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3-Nov-2013 [Interview] Blizzard Historian David Craddock's Interview with Brian Fargo
15-Aug-2013 [Interview] Brian Fargo on inXile's Darkest, Publisher-Driven Days
8-Jan-2013 [Interview] Second part of GamerHub.TV Brian Fargo interview is up, reveals more about Wasteland 2
20-Dec-2012 [Game News] Wasteland 2 Kickstarter Update #21: Happy Holidays and a free copy of The Bard's Tale
29-Jan-2007 [Review] So Hyped, So Mediocre: The Bard's Tale Review
27-Sep-2005 [Review] Bard's Tale gets a bit of love at Strategy Informer
27-Sep-2005 [Review] Bard's Tale decent per CGW
15-Sep-2005 [Review] Worthplaying deems Bard's Tale Worth Playing (ho ho ho)
2-Sep-2005 [Review] Bard's Tale lubbin' from RPGDot
22-Jul-2005 [Review] GamersInfo reviews The Bard's Tale for PC
12-Jul-2005 [Review] Bard's Tale trashed at GameSpot
1-Jul-2005 [Development Info] Bard's Tale prances to 1.01
24-Jun-2005 [Review] Bard's Tale enjoyable per TechConnect
22-Mar-2005 [Game News] Bard's Tale Demo Release
5-Dec-2004 [Review] AVault: Bard's Tale is Conventional
3-Dec-2004 [Review] CNN: Bard's funny, but not that funny
28-Oct-2004 [Interview] Brian Fargo talks to GameSpot
26-Oct-2004 [Review] Bard's Tale disappoints GameSpot
24-Oct-2004 [Interview] Bard's Tale interview at GameBanshee
23-Oct-2004 [Game News] Bard's Tale Media Featurette
23-Oct-2004 [Preview] The Bard's Tale Review
29-Sep-2004 [Preview] GameSpot Previews Bard's Tale
11-Sep-2004 [Game News] One of them Bard's Tale's diaries
31-Aug-2004 [Preview] Bard's Tale preview at IGN
18-Aug-2004 [Interview] Bard's Tale tellings at GamesDomain
9-Aug-2004 [Interview] Bard's Tale tit for tat at IGN
17-Jul-2004 [Preview] Bard's Tale AI dev diary at GameSpy
28-May-2004 [Preview] The Bard's Tale dev diary at GameSpy
14-May-2004 [Preview] Bard's Tale gandering at HomeLAN Fed
21-Apr-2004 [Development Info] Bard's Tales developer diary at WarCry
20-Apr-2004 [Game News] ActionTrip previews Bard's Tales
18-Apr-2004 [Interview] Ask Fargo why Bard's Tale sucks
6-Mar-2004 [Preview] Jolt praises Bard's Tale's bold designs
27-Feb-2004 [Preview] Bard's Tale preview at GameSpot
21-Feb-2004 [Preview] Bard's Tale peepings at PC.IGN
15-Feb-2004 [Preview] Bard's Tale peaks at GameSpy
10-Nov-2003 [Game News] Accalim picks up Bard's Tale for Europe
22-Oct-2003 [Interview] inXile raps with HomeLAN Fed
16-Oct-2003 [Game News] Bard's Tale lands a publisher
15-Oct-2003 [Interview] inXile chat concluded
15-Oct-2003 [Codex Interview] Brian Fargo dev chat log
8-Oct-2003 [None] Next week's chat - inXile
2-Oct-2003 [Interview] Brian Fargo discourses with GameSpot
1-Oct-2003 [Interview] Brian Fargo chats up GameSpy
30-Sep-2003 [Preview] New Bard's Tale revealed
16-Jun-2003 [Editorial] GameSpot's Games That Should Be Remade
19-May-2003 [Company News] Fargo buys Bard's Tale

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