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GamersInfo reviews The Bard's Tale for PC

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GamersInfo reviews The Bard's Tale for PC

Review - posted by Astromarine on Fri 22 July 2005, 23:51:02

Tags: inXile Entertainment; The Bard's Tale (2004)

Gamersinfo has posted a review of the OMG COMADY RPG Bard's Tale:

When playing the console version, due to the top-down perspective of the game when not in conversation mode, it was often difficult to view battle because the trees would block your vision and there was no way to adjust your point of view. In the PC version, they've made the trees transparent when you pass under - quite the blessing. Also, the extra keys on the keyboard makes managing the different weapons, tunes, spells and inventory much easier to manage. They also sped up the healing animation and made it possible to break out of the attack animation and block a blow. Fewer trips to those save points!

If you had it in your head to play this, but you didn't want to sell your soul to Bill Gates to do it, I guess the improvements are nice. Still, the gameplay was never going to be the strong point of this - the script and dialogue were the main focus. Whether you enjoy those depends entirely on your own sense of humor, of course. For the record, the reviewer apparently found it hilarious. To see if you would as well or not, here is a "sample" of her sense of humor:

You are The Bard - luckless purveyor of tunes who wanders from town to town looking for booty of all types. (Yes, this pun is intended.)

Thanks, Saint Proverbius!

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