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ActionTrip previews Bard's Tales

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ActionTrip previews Bard's Tales

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 20 April 2004, 00:03:12

Tags: inXile Entertainment; The Bard's Tale (2004)

ActionTrip posted a very positive preview of the new and improved (I use this term loosely) Bard's Tales, praising distinctive fantasy setting, witty characters, humorous dialogue, and pleasing graphics. It seems that the editor disagreed with the reviewer on many occasions though.

The story unfolds via the detailed and fully voiced character conversations and banters. There are no customary pop-up screens and dialogue boxes. Every step of the way, your character mostly responds to orders with sarcastic remarks. Each time he reacts in a different tone or by using a specific emotion to express anger or frustration due to a dreary task that lies ahead. (Forgive me for saying this, VADAR, but the bard seems like a whining little bitch. - Ed) The design team is fitting in over 40,000 dialogue lines, all of which are professionally voiced in order to spice the atmosphere up a wee bit and to amplify the sense of drama.
The Bard's Tale also brings forth some interesting changes to the standard inventory system to avoid the dreaded "I can't carry all this stuff" remark. When it comes to storing items and selling them later on, you'll most probably appreciate what the developers have come up with. The game automatically changes the character's weapon should he come across one more powerful than he's carrying. The stronger item is consequently placed in the hands of the character, while the discarded one is literarily converted into gold so you won't have to bother with additional trading. In addition to that, an onscreen pop-up menu allows players to intuitively switch between different weapons, spells, or abilities, as opposed to going through clogged tree-style options and sub-options.​
That last line reminds me of the kitchen gadgets' commercials. They always show some retarded people who can't peel a potato or cut an onion. Same here. The first scene shows a moron who tries to use menus and sub menus, randomly clicking everywhere, but fails miserably. The next shot is a happy moron who plays in the "intuitive mode": decision-free!

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