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Bard's Tale gets a bit of love at Strategy Informer

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Bard's Tale gets a bit of love at Strategy Informer

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 27 September 2005, 20:03:42

Tags: Brian Fargo; The Bard's Tale (2004)

Strategy Informer has a review of Bard's Tale. The score was a 7.2/10 with this little nugget about the main reason why I didn't bother with the game:

The first thing one notices is the lack of an inventory; whatever item you pick up, it automatically gets turned into silver (the currency in the game). But if the item is more powerful than the item you're using at the moment, you equip the newly found object, and the old one gets turned into silver. There are multiple weapon sets our hero can use; a sword and shield, a sword and dirk, a bow, a flail, a big two handed weapon (sword or axe), and a few slots for the special items you find. This system simplifies the game quite a bit, but pretty much takes all the joy out of buying a new weapon or armor. If you're prone to using magic in RPGs', The Bard's Tale might come as a disappointment, as there aren't any other than the 16 tunes the bard can utilize to summon a bunch of followers to aid him. Starting at a measly rat, and all the way up to a powerful knight who hacks his way through hordes of enemies with ease, the bard's summons are an essential part of the game... and of course, the better the instrument, the more followers he can have...​
I still don't understand what Brian Fargo was thinking on that inventory thing. Who doesn't love collecting loot in a video game? Not to mention if you already are using the weapons you want to use, you might be inclined to side step dropped weapons for fear it might force you to equip them instead of what you prefer to use for your character. It's bad for munchkins and it's bad for role-players or anyone in between. Bad design decision all around.

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