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Bard's Tale disappoints GameSpot

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Bard's Tale disappoints GameSpot

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 26 October 2004, 04:00:51

Tags: inXile Entertainment; The Bard's Tale (2004)

GameSpot has posted a review of Bard's Tales awarding it 6.7 for failed execution, funny stuff that aint funny, and 16 hours gameplay.

But, even though The Bard's Tale would like to mock the conventions of wizards, warriors, dungeons, and dragons, it ultimately ends up relying on the things it's supposedly trying to make fun of. Most of the people you meet, places you visit, and enemies you encounter wouldn't be at all out of place in a straightlaced high-fantasy RPG, making the somewhat half-hearted humor often feel like an afterthought. There are a few genuinely funny moments, though they're usually thanks to the talented voice-acting cast, rather than the writing. There are scores of missed opportunities for puns and silly names, and yet the game manages to find the time for a head-shakingly out-of-place reference to You Got Served.

The Bard has no inventory to speak of. Any items that you liberate from a fallen enemy or find in a treasure chest are either automatically converted into silver, or automatically equipped (in which case the gear it replaces is automatically converted into silver). The upside is that there's no worrying about your carrying capacity or whether you'll regret selling that morning star later down the road. The downside is that it basically takes all the fun out of hunting for treasure and buying new equipment. There are only a few shops where you can spend your silver in the game, and their inventory is extremely limited. The game also gives you an inordinate amount of money, so when you do happen upon a shop, you'll basically have enough money to buy whatever you please. The intent behind this simplification is admirable, but as it turns out, a good dungeon crawl actually benefits from a bit of micromanagement. As it is, it feels like there's something missing.​
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