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Riftrunner rabbling at Gaming Zone

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Riftrunner rabbling at Gaming Zone

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 22 October 2003, 12:54:13

Tags: Beyond Divinity; Larian Studios

Belgium site Gaming Zone has worked up an interview with Larian about Riftrunner.

9) How much freedom does the gamer get in Riftrunner, do the choices of the gamer have an influence on the game? Or does it just comes down to giving the right answer to the question that has been asked?

The main storyline is rather linear, but around it there are tons of extra quests that the player can complete which could offer another outcome. The influence of your choices will heavily depend on the rewards you get and how the people look at you. So don't be surprised to see the prizes of a trade suddenly double. The gamer has the freedom to create his character the way he wants without any class-binding restrictions.​

Okay, that class thing came out of no where. Well, you have choices and.. Hey! Look over there! ..and that's why classes are bad.

Spotted this at Larian's site.

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