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Phase: Exodus chat concluded

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Phase: Exodus chat concluded

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 29 October 2003, 04:43:24

Tags: Phase: Exodus; Russobit-M

The Phase: Exodus chat is now over, but like always, I've posted a log of the thing for your reading pleasure. Here's a bit so you'll know you need to read it:

[Spazmo] Good question: will there be a speech skill? Will diplomatic type characters be provided for?
[digger] yeah
[Human_Shield] charisma is an attribute
[Fishka] Sure it will be.
[Fishka] There will be a set of diplomatic skills.
[Pooperscooper] list now
[Exitium] About the Turn-based combat again: Does it have a Y-Axis? In other words, can you snipe from towers, receive advantages from shooting from higher ground, or is it all flat land?
[Fishka] First, that's Charisma.
[Mad_Max_RW] I think the site mentions shooting from windows or something
[digger] there are only speech and barter skills
[Spazmo] Games like Fallout or Arcanum tried to provide peaceful alternatives to everything--in Fallout, you could get through the end locations without firing a single shot by using stealth and diplomacy. Will non-combat solutions be useful to this extent in Exodus?
[fluff] yeah, you surely can shoot from any floor
[Pooperscooper] wow so professional spazmo
[MetalWyrm] a graphics questions, will there be camera rotation and zoom? and if I'm inside a building, will the roof disappear to reveal my character inside?
[Fishka] Second, that's social group of skills...
[Fishka] like Communication, Barter...​

Hot damn, boys! Speech skills and shooting from windows!

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