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Wierd War whats at GameSpot

Wierd War whats at GameSpot

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 2 November 2003, 03:08:57

Tags: Mirage Interactive; Weird Wars: The Unknown Episode of World War II

Mirage guy, Pawel Kalinowski has answered some questions for the guys over at GameSpot about their Wierd War CRPG. Here's something fun:

GameSpot: Is the gameplay in Weird War story-driven, and, if so, can you tell us anything about the game's plot?

Pawel Kalinowski:
Weird War is story-driven. We did not want to reinvent the wheel, and the story is a mixture of the best elements from the Lara Croft and Indiana Jones stories. In general, it is about preventing Nazis from discovering a weapon which enables world domination. More specifically, the heroes get involved in a secret Nazi mission to an ancient tomb, where a mysterious artifact is supposed to be located. Their ultimate goal is to get the artifact before the Nazis do. During their mission they will visit the Northern Sea, North and Central Africa, and Austria.​

Nazis love their relics.

Spotted this on Blue's News

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