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Atari releases corporate stuff

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Atari releases corporate stuff

Company News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 5 November 2003, 05:31:21

Tags: Atari; Temple of Elemental Evil

There's a press release about how well Atari did this last quarter, basically they won some and lost some, but this is neat:

"We maintained our ranking as the #2 independent publisher year to date, while increasing our market share by more than 55% year-over-year," Mr. Bonnell continued. "Driving that growth were titles such as Enter The Matrix, one of our most valuable licenses and on which we've begun working on a follow-up game; new titles from our Dungeons & Dragons series, including D&D Heroes and Temple of Elemental Evil; and titles from our Dragon Ball Z series, among others."​

I wonder how much more you could have squeezed from that marketshare if Temple of Elemental Evil had been given a few more months.

Thanks, Sharpei!

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