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10-Jul-2013 [Game News] Mystery solved? "Anonymous industry source" reveals unpaid royalties as reason for BG:EE takedown
25-Jun-2013 [Game News] Trent in Trouble: Beamdog forbidden from selling and patching BG:EE, BG2:EE on "indefinite hold"
15-Dec-2012 [Company News] Obsidian Almost Got To Make Baldur's Gate 3
15-Mar-2012 [Game News] Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition
24-May-2011 [Game News] Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale News
18-Dec-2009 [Company News] It's mine I want it: Hasbro goes after Atari for DnD rights
2-Sep-2006 [Company News] Atari Europe will publish The Witcher
6-May-2006 [Company News] Atari revenues drop from 577 mil to 391
10-Feb-2006 [Company News] Atari starts sinking
10-Aug-2005 [Company News] Atari doing GREAT
5-Aug-2005 [Company News] Atari stock fun
1-Sep-2004 [Interview] WotC's Ed Stark interview about D&D gaming
6-Aug-2004 [Game News] NWN Platinum Edition announced.
30-Jul-2004 [Company News] New D&D games in Q1 2005?
19-Jul-2004 [Game News] BG3 and NWN2 in next PC Gamer
1-Jul-2004 [Editorial] RPGDot talks Action CRPGs
16-Jun-2004 [Company News] ToEE was Atari's best selling PC CRPG last year
19-May-2004 [Development Info] Atari announces Baldur's Gate 3!
9-May-2004 [Development Info] 2nd ToEE patch in QA
10-Mar-2004 [Company News] D&D has a 'future'
23-Jan-2004 [Review] EDBIS blehs Gothic 2
8-Nov-2003 [Development Info] ToEE demo out
6-Nov-2003 [None] Nifty poll results on Sorcerer's Place
5-Nov-2003 [Company News] Atari releases corporate stuff
4-Nov-2003 [Development Info] ToEE patch this Friday?
21-Oct-2003 [Development Info] ToEE patch in QA
1-Oct-2003 [Development Info] Let there be PATCH!

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