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WotC's Ed Stark interview about D&D gaming

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WotC's Ed Stark interview about D&D gaming

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 1 September 2004, 06:52:55

Tags: Atari

And basically, why it's going down the toilet but selling more copies! GameInformer has posted an interview with Ed Stark of Wizards of the Coast about D&D gaming, Atari's games, and other stuff. Here's one such clip which gave me the giggles:

GI: So do you think it’s become easier to translate the Dungeons & Dragons, the whole concept, to kids now?

Oh yeah. Part of that is just the fact that fantasy and things like Harry Potter, and the upcoming Narnia series, and of course Lord of the Rings are big and popular among kids. And the Japanese anime and stuff like that, and Pokemon certainly helped us a lot. It is easier to describe to a kid what you’re doing. But we’re also making strides by creating a basic game and by encouraging Atari when they want to do a game like Demon Stone, which is very action oriented and very rules-light, you can just start playing right away. You don’t have to read through this long rulebook. It helps people to transition in, and the more they like something the more time they are willing to invest. So by the time the kid has played Demon Stone, maybe played some D&D miniatures, maybe played the basic game, he’s willing to crack open that 320-page player’s handbook and play because he knows “I don’t have to read all of this. I want to play a fighter. I need to read the two pages on the fighter, and one page on the dwarf, and maybe a couple of feats, and I’m ready to go. And later on when I want to play a wizard I’ll read the wizard stuff and spells and all of that. No big deal.”​

Thanks, Pokemon! You've made D&D what it is today! or Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound! I choose you!

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