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RPGDot talks Action CRPGs

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RPGDot talks Action CRPGs

Editorial - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 1 July 2004, 13:11:24

Tags: Atari

RPGDot has posted an editorial about action CRPGs dealing with the current trend of things publishers are churning out. Here's a snippet:

As development costs rise and risk-adverse publishers increasingly embrace the console market, trying to reach that magical mainstream audience, it's no surprise that complex CRPGs have lost favour. Atari's recent SEC 10-K filing describes the market as "increasingly hit driven" and undoubtedly many publishers dream of the success of Blizzard's Diablo series.​

It's also rather funny considering Temple of Elemental Evil was their best selling CRPG class title according to that 10-K, despite the short development time and Atari trying silly things like a KaZaa distribution. Yet, still not as funny as the media circus of their recent "hit driven" release.

Thanks, Dhruin!

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