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It's mine I want it: Hasbro goes after Atari for DnD rights

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It's mine I want it: Hasbro goes after Atari for DnD rights

Company News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 18 December 2009, 04:11:18

Tags: Atari

It's *cough* MMO *cough* related but fun anyway:

Hasbro, the owners of Dungeons & Dragons through wholly-owned subsidiary Wizards of the Coast, alleges that Atari may have entered into an unauthorized sublicensing agreement with Namco Bandai Partners. Atari sold it PAL distribution arm to Namco Bandai partners earlier this year, which could very well be one of the causes for Hasbro's concern. Hasbro maintains that a sublicensing agreement with Namco Bandai, one of Hasbro's competitors, is strictly prohibited under the D&D licensing contract.
"Atari has had a long and rich history with the Dungeons and Dragons franchise, investing millions of dollars into numerous critically acclaimed and commercially successful games that have generated significant revenue for Hasbro. Hasbro has resorted to these meritless allegations, in an apparent attempt to unfairly take back rights granted to Atari. Atari has sought to resolve the matter without cooperation from Hasbro. We regret that our long-time partner has decided to pursue this action. Atari will respond appropriately through its legal counsel in court."​
Atari's 10 year licensing contract for the rights (which NWN2 apparently was made under) may now be doubt.

Thanks Ausir!

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