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Nifty poll results on Sorcerer's Place

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Nifty poll results on Sorcerer's Place

None - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 6 November 2003, 15:31:47

Tags: Atari; Temple of Elemental Evil

Taluntain, or Puddin' Tain to his friends, sends word about poll results where the topic was whether or not the bug stuff in Temple of Elemental Evil scared away consumers. Here's some of the results, minus the commentary about Atari you'll have to actually click on the above link to read:

Yes, they did (130) 39%
I've never thought about buying it (yet) (85) 25%
No, they didn't (80) 24%
I had it pre-ordered or got it before I knew about the bugs (42) 12%​

Sad part is that Sorcerer's Place is basically a site for D&D computer gaming, which my guess would be the primary target audiance for Temple of Elemental Evil.

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