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EDBIS blehs Gothic 2

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EDBIS blehs Gothic 2

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 23 January 2004, 00:38:20

Tags: Atari; Gothic II

EDBIS has posted what I guess passes for a review of Gothic 2. It's basically a five paragraph pamphlet with the last paragraph being a summary of the forth paragraph seen here:

I cannot emphasize this enough but if you are looking for a CRPG, give this game a pass. The dialog system is CRPG like, but the game plays more like an action adventure game. There were also some technical issues that I couldn't resolve. I could play the game once from the initial install on my XP machine but subsequent I faced a blank screen. On my ME machine I get nothing whatsoever. Atari's tech support was terribly lacking on the issue. When it comes to Atari's games I guess its buyer beware.

Well, at least the reviewer didn't get carpal tunnel writing this thing.

Thanks, Balthamael!

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