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D&D has a 'future'

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D&D has a 'future'

Company News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 10 March 2004, 12:59:59

Tags: Atari

Accoarding to a reply in this thread, Atari will be continuing to make D&D games in the future, even though many of them are console thingies. But, here's what Grok says:

Thank you for taking my rather obvious bait!

I expect to have an official announcement about the first title out in the next week or two. However, this is a console game and very unlike Temple, NWN, BG, etc. That said, it is absolutely fantastic -- so if you own a PS2 or Xbox you'll want ot keep an eye out for this one.

We'll also be announcing a new D&D title in May. Solid developer but not a RPG. More details to come then.

D&D Online -- this one has been announced and is being handled by the fine folks at Turbine. We'll be showing this game off for the first time in August of this year in Mexico!

There are however, two tentative annoucements we're planning for E3 that should be very big and just what you folks are looking for. I'm a big RPG geek myself and I'm excited...so that tells you something.

We've also got some new NWN stuff in the works that should be pretty cool.

So, lots of D&D goodness in the future.​


Thanks, Demon King who got the story from RPGDot.

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