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Haphazard up to Version 0.2

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Haphazard up to Version 0.2

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 9 November 2003, 03:05:10

Tags: Haphazard

Haphazard has been updated to version 0.2 of the homebrew CRPG made by people who aren't happy the way CRPG gaming is going. Here's a list of the new features:

Version 0.2 - Released 2003-11-04
  • New gameplay!
  • Skill screen
  • Skill experience
  • Seamless movement
  • Rudimentary AI
  • Items are drawn in the world
  • Pick up things and get descriptions with a right click
  • A* Path planner

For some background about this thing:

Frankly, we're tired of levelling up, we're tired of having strong story lines, we're tired of having to battle through every game we see (and we're especially tired of the d20 system which atleast I have never liked). Instead we're aiming towards an open-ended adventure game (For example Elite II was truly open-ended) and for that we need a world independent of eventual players. Think of it as a RPG combined with a virtual world where there are a lots of simplified laws of nature.

Our gaming system (developed in-house and copyrighted) enables you to play in a class-less, level-less skill-based world. You cannot be all powerful since you "forget" skills you don't use and the skills you do use can only reach up to a certain point.​

I don't know how much I like the idea of forgetting skills. I haven't ridden a bicycle since I was a kid, pretty sure I can still do it, though.

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