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Restricted Area lands a publisher

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Restricted Area lands a publisher

Game News - posted by Spazmo on Tue 11 November 2003, 23:19:31

Tags: 4am Entertainment; Restricted Area

Our friends at master creating send word that their upcoming cyberpunk action RPG, Restricted Area, has picked up a publisher for worldwide release! Here's the press release from 4am Entertainment:


2083 is the time period of 4am’s latest game ‘Restricted Area’, offering an all action RPG set in an apocalyptic future, where the player takes on the characteristics of one of four freelance mercenaries.

Freaky mutants, corrupt cops, dodgy market traders and a failing political body that is controlled by wealthy mega-corporations…No, it isn’t tomorrow’s Sun headlines, it is actually the year 2083!

4am Entertainment Corporation Ltd brings all of the sci-fi action and atmosphere from films like Aliens and Blade Runner and moulds it together into a frantic action RPG shooter, boasting over 160 hours of solid gameplay and four unique characters to control – each having two different possible endings.

The game is fluid in both its storyline and the visual appeal of the graphics, which includes dark atmospheric mutant breeding chambers and pre-rendered images taken from fully motion captured characters. The pace of the game and the frantic shooting element will attract a wide variety of players, including many gamers that have never played RPG’s before.

A selection of hot-keys have been added to the main playing screen allowing ‘health-ups’ to be administered during a major skirmish. Gun swapping and power-ups are also accessible in the heat of the action by clicking a button, giving the player instant access to the most important parts of their inventory.

The characters within Restricted Area are all wildly different from each other in storyline and abilities. Johnson is a gun-toting ex-member of government special forces who has turned to crime after the Mega-Corporations took over.
Victoria is the first human to be found with psychic capabilities and for this reason was kidnapped. She doesn’t know her real name or her parents, but knows that after breaking out of a research lab, she must stay on the run to avoid her enemies. Kenji is an honourable Japanese sword master who murdered his own father, but has since lost his memory and wants to know what happened to him in his past. Jessica is a cyber-hacker who was jailed for life for her part in a huge data crime at the age of 17. Whilst in jail, Jessica built herself a robot protector to help her break out of her confines. After breaking loose, Jessica is on the run with her robot, living on money earned by hacking cyberchannels for paying corporations.

RPG’ers will instantly recognise the strategically placed boxes, containing cash or left over weapons. To progress in Restricted Area, gamers will be seeking contacts within the crime underworld, spending their cold hard cash on provisions, new weapons and new limbs!!

This game takes the RPG genre beyond the normal ‘spell upgrade’ system found in most other titles, allowing the player to build upon their psychic capabilities and replace vital limbs, building the original flesh and blood character into a super-human cyborg!

Outstanding AI has been applied to all enemies, making them either the dumbest thing in dumbville – running mindlessly at your plasma gun just asking to be fried on the spot, or the smartest possible smarty-pants taking pot shots from behind the scenery whilst assessing your firepower before making a mad dash for the alarm and calling more re-enforcements.

Developed by German-based Master Creating, this outstanding action RPG (for Windows computers) will be fully-translated for the UK market and published under license by 4am Entertainment – scheduled for an April 2004 launch.

Key Features:
• Multiple character selection
• Unique non-linear story lines with multiple endings
• Bio-upgrades
• Cooperative Multiplayer mode
• Unlimited computer generated subquests and levels
• Upgradeable points-based skills
• Psychic attack modes
• On-screen hot keys allows the player to take health boosts in the middle of hot action with no delay to the gameplay
• Over 20+ hours of solid gameplay per storyline = 160+ hours for entire game​

Can't wait for the sci-fi goodness.

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