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ToEE beaten down by GameOver

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ToEE beaten down by GameOver

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 20 November 2003, 05:06:27

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil

GameOver gives Temple of Elemental Evil a hardy spanking in their review, going so far as to say it's the second worst CRPG the reviewer has ever played. Here's a bit of the criticism:

Of course, you might want to avoid TTOEE anyway. It?s definitely not a friendly game. Among other things TTOEE doesn?t give you any difficulty settings (other than an ?ironman? mode that only allows you to save when you exit), and Troika seems to have decided to emulate the Dungeons & Dragons version 3.5 rules as closely as possible, without taking into account whether the rules make the game fun to play or not. So, for example, there isn?t a friendly toggle to guarantee your characters get a good hit point role when they level. If you want to make sure they get close to their maximum, you have to save and restore a lot, which is boring. Also, every little potion and scroll in the game needs to be identified, but there isn?t any sort of lore ability to handle the task for you, and identify spells cost you 100 gold. That combination just seems mean and cruel. Plus, there isn?t any sort of teleportation system, so you have to do a lot of walking, and the game won?t cast any healing spells for you when you rest, so healing your party can be a long and tedious task, especially since there are very few safe places to rest in the game.

Well, there is a teleportation system, actually. There's a spell that does it.

Spotted this at Blue's News.

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