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The Fall glimpse at RPGDot

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The Fall glimpse at RPGDot

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 22 November 2003, 02:20:14

Tags: Fall: Last Days of Gaia; Silver Style

RPGDot has posted a preview of The Fall, which would be Silver Style's post apocalyptic CRPG in the works. Here's a clip:

Combat will play an important role on The Fall and Silver Style believes they have developed the deepest combat system in a real-time 3D CRPG to date. Several elements have been added to make the real-time combat more tactical and satisfying. Auto Pause allows the player to choose from a large number of stop triggers to pause when certain conditions are met such as "enemy sighted" or "character has less than 10% life left" and so on. Combat can be set to pause after each round which Silver Style calls "Simulated Turn-Based" although there are no action points. In addition to these stop triggers, players will be able to queue multiple commands including waypoints.​

Isn't it cute the way developers of real time with pause combat games try to pass their systems off as turn based all the time, rather than just actually making the game turn based?

Thanks, Garrett!

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