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Staryfury gets a mix from PC Gameworld

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Staryfury gets a mix from PC Gameworld

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 22 November 2003, 02:32:37

Tags: Malfador Machinations; Space Empires: Starfury

There's a fairly positive review of Space Empires: Starfury over at PC Gameworld for those curious about the tactical space trading CRPG made by Malfador. They rated the game a 80%, saying it's enjoyable, but doesn't really push any envelopes. Here's a clip:

Sometimes I just want to play a game and I have no time to tinker around. This feature to customize your ship will undoubtedly please many players! Once you tinker under the hood of your ship, you can either follow the campaign storyline or you can choose one of the many missions. It may be a while before you can fight as a pirate or mercenary, because you have to pay a large fee to enter those types of guilds.

Once you accept certain missions, a few problems arise. Let?s say your mission is to find a certain ship to destroy within a certain time limit (most search and destroy missions have a time limit). You have to scour the systems methodically; there are no waypoints, aids, or markers of any kind to assist you. It?s like searching for a needle in a haystack, as your sensors are very limited to say the least. These missions often end in failure.​

I can see why that is, because the systems in the game are very, very, very large.

Spotted this at Blue's News.

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