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Anito for sale

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Anito for sale

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 22 November 2003, 13:55:06

Tags: Anino Entertainment; Anito: Defend a Land Enraged

Yup, it's finally available, Anito is done and ready for web ordering in the U.S. and other countries. Of course, if you live in the Phillipines, you can just buy it from your local software shop. Here's the fun info:

After two years of waiting, Filipine indie game developer Anino Entertainment is proud to launch its pioneering project, Anito: Defend A Land Enraged.

A hybrid of adventure and RPG
Developed for the Windows platform, Anito is a single-player adventure / RPG that combines the best of both gaming genres.

The world of Maroka has plenty for the adventure gamer to explore, with lush forests, dangerous caves, five diverse towns, and more than 250 characters to interact with.

RPG gamers will enjoy Anito?s story-based gameplay, with quests, side quests, and puzzles to rack your brain. Plus, Anito contains two storylines that have unique main and side quests.

Gamers will love Anito?s real-time strategic combat system. Choose the best way to defeat your enemy - you can use different types of attacks, switch from melee and ranged weapons instantly, and combine powerful chakra skills together. Plus, Asian monsters like the tikbalang and the muwa make their first video game appearance!

A New Setting for RPGs
Anito is also unique compared to the other RPGs in the international market because of its Ethnic Asian theme. The story is set in 16th century Asia during the Age of Conquest. You play either Maya or Agila, two siblings whose father Datu Maktan has gone missing, when the land is on the verge of war between the Senastille colonizers and the local rebels.

Gamers all around the world will enjoy Anito because of its exotic locations, gripping politically-driven plot, addictive gameplay, rich high-quality graphics, and offbeat sense of humor. Meanwhile, Asians will enjoy in-game references to ethnic culture (with some weapons, items, and character names unique to the Southeast Asian region).

Where to buy Anito
Anito: Defend A Land Enraged is available in all Datablitz, Netopia, and Neutral Grounds outlets in the Philippines, and for international buyers, you can also order online through www.aninoentertainment.com. Available for only USD $20! Order now!​

And remember the chat we're having this coming Wednesday at 8PM EST in #rpgcodex about this game!

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