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Anito chat conclusion and log

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Anito chat conclusion and log

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 27 November 2003, 13:45:43

Tags: Anino Entertainment; Anito: Defend a Land Enraged

The chat log with Anino Entertainment about Anito: Defend a Land Enraged is up and ready for reading. Here's a sample:

[Saint_Proverbius] Can one of you guys explain why you say there's adventure game elements in this RPG? Isn't that redundant?
[Dark`Machine] Allow me to peruse, and I'm sure I'll have better questions. ;)
[gabusch] almost nobody has heard of our game... that's why we're here to promote it
[BlackAsz] go gabs!
[gabusch] they Trigun. glad you made it
[gabusch] hey
[TrigunPsx] yup
[purploony] Trigun!!! :D Hi!
[TrigunPsx] Hi!
[gabusch] Some parts of the game play more like adventure
[marc] hello trigun! though i dont know who you are. haha
[gabusch] you use this item with this to make that
[purploony] marc: he's from www.pinoypsx.com
[VicViper] hi trigun...
[gabusch] or you interact with an item to do a quest
[TrigunPsx] Hi Viper! is everyone here now?
[gabusch] there are a lot of quests that aren't combat related​

Quests that aren't combat related, never a bad thing to have.

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