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Riftrunner roundabout at GameAtomic

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Riftrunner roundabout at GameAtomic

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 7 December 2003, 01:36:39

Tags: Beyond Divinity; Larian Studios

GameAtomic has gotten some Larian people to answer some questions about Riftrunner. Here's a bit on the random stuff:

Riftrunner include a random quest generator. Will this system offer deep quests, that means no simple "go and bring me back this item" or "kill that NPC" ?

There are special areas in the game, which we call the Battlefields. They are accessed through special portals that can take on many forms. Once you are through those portals, you will find yourself in areas which are totally generated and where all quests are random. You will usually visit the Battlefields to boost your character, gain an item or learn a new and rare skill. The Battlefields add a lot to the replay value of the game and the nice thing is that with relatively little developer effort, we can offer players a lot of content. There are different levels of difficulty in the Battlefields so players will always find something for them to do there. We'll be talking a lot more about the Battlefields in the next couple of months so be sure to check out our site from time to time.

The Battlefield technology is 100% random when it comes to the maps and already pretty random when it comes to the stories it generates. We?re still working on that so I can?t give you a definite answer, but the goal is to have it as random as possible. It really is pretty good - we are actually using the Battlefield generator as a productivity tool to create content.​

That last line is rather interesting, don't you think? A game with random areas where the static areas were also created randomly, but they're still static.

Spotted this at ShackNews

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