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Shacknews loves you, Interplay

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Shacknews loves you, Interplay

Editorial - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 20 December 2003, 02:15:48

Tags: Fallout 3 (Van Buren); Interplay

ShackNews, one of the little sites I actually turn to in my news hunting, has posted their Warshaw Awards. Well, our good friend Interplay earned one! Just savour this:

The Save Costs by Killing Off Your Best Asset Award

Last week it was revealed that Interplay (who for reasons unknown to me is still alive and kicking), has canceled Fallout 3 and dismantled what remained of the once great Black Isle Studios. Instead, Fallout fans can look forward to Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, a game that is nearly identically named to Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, but is in fact totally different, and will be released for PS2 and Xbox. Platforms, it should be pointed out, which the earlier Fallout titles have never been released on. Meanwhile PC gamers, who are the real market for the franchise, have nothing to look forward to. Good job, Interplay. Good luck pulling out of that financial nosedive.​

I hope your shareholders are reading these things, Lord Caen.

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