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Beyond Divinity Peek of the Week @ IGN

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Beyond Divinity Peek of the Week @ IGN

Development Info - posted by Ausir on Sat 20 December 2003, 20:45:19

Tags: Beyond Divinity; Larian Studios

<a target=_blank href=http://rpgvault.ign.com/>RPGVault[/url] has posted a short article about scripting for <a target=_blank href=http://www.beyond-divinity.com>Beyond Divinity[/url] (formerly known as Riftrunner), and 2 new screenshots from the game.
  • Another challenge is that we create the scripts when the map is not ready yet. Generally, the map is empty, with only the interactive parts we need placed in it. And it's the same for monsters and NPCs. When I started scripting, we had only one character in the game - the hero, in underwear.

    I remember the time the first monsters where introduced. I was testing a quest where you need to fight against a giant spider. So, I went to the spider's lair, ready to fight a human in underwear, and... I guess you can imagine what happened; I got scared half to death, and a nasty, bloodthirsty giant spider killed me.
Did it wear any underwear?

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