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Puuk dishes out THE TRUTH about Fallout 3

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Puuk dishes out THE TRUTH about Fallout 3

Game News - posted by Spazmo on Fri 2 January 2004, 03:18:20

Tags: Damien Foletto; Fallout 3 (Van Buren); Interplay

In a thread in the No Mutants Allowed forums, ex-BIS dev Puuk (or Damien Foletto to his mom) said some interesting things about Fallout 3 and why they cancelled it in response to some dubious claims (read: flat out lies) blathered by a Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel developer.

First off, a certain Dan said this:

Luckily for us, the BIS guys were very interested in what we were doing with F:BOS, and from the very beginning we had a lot of contact with them regarding storyline, setting and characters. They also provided us with a mountain of information to help out with all the tiny details that litter such a landscape, from timelines to bibles.​

Quoth Puuk,

I call bullshit. I don't recall anyone in BIS who spoke with the FBOS design team and them actually taking our input. Again, I call bullshit. Personally, I never even met this "designer," and I'm uncertain if anyone from the Van Buren team who ever said more than 2 words to him. Maybe it was another BIS team he was referring to... There was little to no interraction between the FOBOS team and the Van Buren team. Yeah, maybe the FOBOS team glanced over the original Fallouts and the Fallout bible, but I distinctly remember Chuck (another one I never met or recall ever seeing) stating that the FOBOS universe is intentionally different than the PC universe (paraphrased, of course).​

Nice lies there, FOBOS dev team! Now here's the part that actually relates to Fallout 3. Saint_Proverbius posted the following:

Partly? It's entirely the reason they cancelled Fallout 3. The excuse Darth Molitor gave was that Fallout 3 probably wouldn't be completed on schedule. One big reason it might not make it on that schedule is because Darth Molitor kept pulling people off Fallout 3 to work on Fallout Enforcer: Brothelhood of Steel.​

Puuk then confirmed this:

Damn straight. I'll 100% confirm this.​

So there you have it! Fallout 3 pretty much died not because it was looking bad or taking too long or costing too much. Nope, it's because Interplay didn't give a shit about it in the first place, neglecting their game that might have not sucked in favour of the SLAM DUNK! Although to be fair, I doubt even Feargus would take the "real-time + multiplayer + particle effecks = SALES!" theory this far.

Thanks to Chris Beddoes for pointing this out to me.

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