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Reynolds gives the company line

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Reynolds gives the company line

Company News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 15 January 2004, 12:32:57

Tags: Fallout 3 (Van Buren); Interplay; Sean Reynolds

Sean Reynolds has posted his two cents on the subject of Black Isle being dead. Here's what the cueball said:

Hey, I know I've been away from the BIS boards for a LONG time, but that's because we hadn't announced the games we were working on and so what I could post was very limited, and I didn't want to get anyone frustrated by withholding information.

There are still some people from BIS around. Several programmers, several designers, and many of the artists as well. Most of these people worked on BIS games that you liked. Still here, still working on games, still trying to make games an fun and interesting as we can.

Yes, a lot of the old guard are gone. Yes, that sucks. Many of them were friends of mine and now they're out of work (though some have already landed jobs elsewhere, which is good). But the people who remain were hired because the people at BIS felt that those people could make the kind of games that BIS was known for. So it's not really fair to say that BIS is dead. It's certainly changed, and it's a lot quieter around here, but we're still going to try to live up to the BIS name.

Anyway, that's my piece on this. I'm going to try to visit the forum on a regular basis, but if people insist on being jerks then I won't stick around. I tell it to people straight, and admit when there's something I can't say any more about. I'm not your enemy. Let's see if we can have some polite conversations.

Thanks, and good gaming!

Everyone that wouldn't make console games is gone, so as far as I'm concerned, that's pretty damned dead.

In case you're inclined to believe any of the above, he later states:

From what I can tell, Interplay would LOVE to release Fallout 3.

Oh yeah, be sure to read that whole thread, it's amazing how dumb people can be.

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