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Blades of Avernum testing begins

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Blades of Avernum testing begins

Development Info - posted by Spazmo on Thu 15 January 2004, 20:02:25

Tags: Blades of Avernum; Spiderweb Software

Here something for you dastardly Mac users out there. Our pals at Spiderweb Software have announced that they're now looking for testers to tinker with the Mac version of Blades of Avernum, the next game(s) in the Avernum series.

We need Macintosh Testers for Blades of Avernum, especially former Blades of Exile scenario designers who are interested in using the new scenario editor, to port an existing Blades scenario or create a new one. Please apply to be a tester if you are interested.

So if you want a crack at Blades and you're on a mac, apply!

Thanks for the heads up, Psilon!

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