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Feargus is curious about combat

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Feargus is curious about combat

Community - posted by Ausir on Fri 16 January 2004, 23:38:23

Tags: Feargus Urquhart; Obsidian Entertainment

In our very own forum, Feargus Urquhart of Obsidian Entertainment asks us what we thing about real-time combat systems:

    I really don't want to add 400 caveats to this, but I think I need to add just one. My question is going to be just about combat - it is not about how much a role combat plays in the game or how non-linear or linear the game is going to be.

    So, the question is - in all of your minds does combat have to be TB to be game that you all like? I've been thinking a lot about game that we are going to make and maybe some small games that we'll make and publish ourselves and I'm trying to figure out what makes the most sense from a combat perspective. There two follow up questions to that, which are is there a form of real-time combat you guys are fine with and what are your opinions of single player w/followers/henchmen vs a fully controlled party? I know that someone depends on the game itself, but I'm curious.

If you want to express your opinion on this topic, go ahead and post it in this thread.

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