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Restricted Area dev diary numero six at RPGDot

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Restricted Area dev diary numero six at RPGDot

Editorial - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 22 January 2004, 00:37:17

Tags: Jan Beuck; Master Creating; Restricted Area

RPGDot has posted Dev Diary #6 about Master Creating's current work in progress, Restricted Area. Here's a little bit about the publisher fun:

I don't want to go into detail too much, because that are interal affairs that should not be dealt with in the public in my opinion. So, with the beginning of the week, we are looking for a publisher again...only this time the interest in us is much bigger as we had hoped. Whether it is the many positive press reports or the fact, that almost finished games without a publisher are rarely to be found, I do not know, but I am positive, that we will have a new and better publishing partner and thus can make the scheduled release date in march 2004.​

I disagree, these kind of things are just a HOOT to make public.

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