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IGN: Silent Storm is a Treasure

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IGN: Silent Storm is a Treasure

Review - posted by Exitium on Wed 28 January 2004, 09:39:19

Tags: Nival Interactive; Silent Storm

Silent Storm never ceases to amaze the American public as much as it amazed the European public and this continues with IGN's latest review of the title. This is what they had to say about the tactical turn-based game:

Remember the big deal everyone made over Red Faction's destructible environments? Well, Silent Storm takes much the same approach allowing players to completely demolish everything around them. Like X-COM before it, Silent Storm requires you to watch out for (unintentional) collateral damage. Fire blindly into a warehouse full of oil barrels and try not to look so surprised when the whole structure explodes in front of you. Grenade explosions and rifle fire will rip the leaves off of trees, sometimes leaving your target more exposed than before. Toss a grenade against the back wall of a building to make a convenient back door entrance for yourself. Just hope that the enemy doesn't happen to be looking at that back wall when it blows. This even works on a smaller, more detailed level. Puffs of smoke and dust erupt from bullet impacts and, if you shoot enough, you can even shoot small holes in building walls.

Silent Storm is a literally explosive experience.

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