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Metalheart Q&A at HomeLAN Fed

Metalheart Q&A at HomeLAN Fed

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 29 January 2004, 10:47:47

Tags: Akella; Metalheart: Replicants Rampage

There's an interview over at HomeLAN Fed covering Metalheart, which is that turn based CRPG that Akella is making. The one sans character creation. Here's a bit on locations:

HomeLAN - What kinds of locations and settings will be available for the game?

Alexander Shcherbakov
- Huge part of the game is all that ‘postapocalyptical’ and ‘postnuclear’ type locations. Deserts, dump-like towns, caves etc. But there is more, like laboratories, hi-tech bases and so on. We don’t want Metalheart to be a boring game with all that ‘oh no, desert again’ things. We don’t want player to feel bored. So you even can find lots of locations which are absolutely not typical for the Fallout-type worlds.

Desert is what you make of it.

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