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Articles associated with this tag:

20-Jan-2004 Metalheart Q&A
11-Jul-2008 The giant spiders and endless deserts of Numen
28-Jun-2008 Locations in Numen: Contest of Heroes
25-Jan-2008 A new preview of Hard to be a God
19-Nov-2007 A new piratey game from Akella
17-Aug-2005 SciFi reviews Metalheart and comments on Fallout
30-Jul-2005 First Metalheart opinion: meh
9-Jul-2005 DreamCatcher to publish Metalheart: Replicants Rampage
14-May-2005 Metalheart GOLD
1-Apr-2005 Hard To Be A God Q&A at GGMania
4-Feb-2005 Gamatomic Metalheart Interview
1-Feb-2005 Metalheart Q&A at Gamatomic
29-Jan-2005 Metalheart NPC Profiles
20-Jan-2005 Idiotic Metalheart interview
18-Jan-2005 New Age of Pirates Screenshots
24-Dec-2004 Age of Pirates announced
2-Dec-2004 Hard to be a God announced
2-Nov-2004 Akella Refutes Metalheart Demo
1-Nov-2004 Metalheart: Replicants Rampage Demo
19-Jun-2004 Metalheart interview at GameBanshee
19-May-2004 Metalheart Q&A Part II at NMA
8-Mar-2004 Pirates of the Caribbean follow up at Pirates Ahoy!
6-Mar-2004 NMA Metalheart questions are finally answered
29-Jan-2004 Metalheart Q&A at HomeLAN Fed
26-Jan-2004 Sea Dogs 2 (re)announced (in Russian only)
20-Jan-2004 Metalheart info exhange
19-Jan-2004 Metalheart official website is up
14-Jan-2004 Metalheart interview at RPG Vault, Part 2
8-Jan-2004 Metalheart interview at RPG Vault
26-Dec-2003 Metalheart interview at NMA
23-Oct-2003 Akella does a new game - Metalheart
1-May-2003 Pirates of the Caribbean Interview on ActionTrip

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