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The giant spiders and endless deserts of Numen

The giant spiders and endless deserts of Numen

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 11 July 2008, 13:35:43

Tags: Akella; Numen

There's some more info up about Akella's Numen:
Numens world is made up of endless deserts, dense forests, and damp caves inhabited by very different creatures which can be hostile or friendly, wise or dumb. Young heroes are in need of something to train on. In order to help them in achieving this task, we will show you the collection of monsters that live at the beginners game levels.

If the deserts don't end, how can there be any other type of terrain?

Lucas Macura, Studio Director for Cinemax comments: “The game Numen is inhabited by many creatures. Some of them you have seen before, such as the wild animals, but they have eaten so much that they have grown to an enormous size. You will also notice the humal-like creatures and other opponents that are typical of the RPG genre creatures."

Obesity is clearly not just a human problem. Check it out to see some of the fat critters.

Spotted @ RPGDot

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