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Pirates of the Caribbean Interview on ActionTrip

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Pirates of the Caribbean Interview on ActionTrip

Interview - posted by Mistress on Thu 1 May 2003, 11:21:59

Tags: Akella; Pirates of the Carribean

ActionTrip have posted an interview with the team at Akella, regarding their upcoming piratey RPG title, Pirates of The Caribbean.

AT: First off, will we ever see Sea Dogs 2?

A: It's not currently in development, so there isn't much point in talking about it. The game we're making is Pirates of the Caribbean. A lot of work from the last couple years has gone into Pirates, and so anyone who was looking forward to playing Sea Dogs 2 will find that Pirates of the Caribbean offers exactly the kind of game they wanted.​
Riiight, okay...nothing to do with the movie then...

Spotted this news on Blue's

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