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Idiotic Metalheart interview

Idiotic Metalheart interview

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 20 January 2005, 14:19:40

Tags: Akella; Metalheart: Replicants Rampage

Some moron at FileFront has asked one of the Metalheart's designers a few questions like "If you had to design your own space suit, would you include nipples on the outside?", "Where do you believe we go when we die?", and "Do you think that NASA might possibly design space-suits one day with nipples on the outside, or do you think that’s just being hopeful?". Whether he unsuccessfully tried to be funny/original or he is really that stupid is unknown at this point.

With so many other RPG titles out there, what did you do to try and avoid falling into too many clichés?

As you know, there are only about 30 typical dramatic situations in our life. Art - and game development as a considerable part of it - only mirrors such situations. So there are very few opportunities to discover something really revolutionary. So, the project is considered good if it includes a piece of it, a part of this and a small bit of that, thus consisting of a rational mix of many known elements. A developer should just present a fresh look on such a mix. The sum-total ought to add up to convey a touch of brilliance. Concerning some RPG stamps, I must point out that the players themselves might miss some good-old long-forgotten clichés, in other words - isometric view, post-apocalyptic world, random encounters… Well, you get what I mean.
Uh, no. Actually, we don't.

Spotted at: RPG Dot

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