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Gamatomic Metalheart Interview

Gamatomic Metalheart Interview

Interview - posted by Exitium on Fri 4 February 2005, 14:47:26

Tags: Akella; Metalheart: Replicants Rampage

Gamatomic has posted an interview with Akella about their upcoming sci-fi themed tactical combat RPG. Here's a question about the game's similarity with Fallout:
Considering that many of the players waiting for the game are Fallout fans, what are the similarities between your game and Fallout, apart from the combat system?

First of all, it’s the post-apocalyptic entourage and dark cyberpunk atmosphere. But, abstracting from subtleties and stylistics of both projects, the main global similarity between Fallout and Metalheart is the extremely advanced system of characters’ generation and development. We certainly don’t understand how some RPG developers dare present the players with ready-generated characters based on a primitive system of role-playing. The avatar is like a gamer’s reflection in the game world. The players often project themselves into the avatar. Even if the character initially adheres to a plot (as it is in Lanthan’s and Cheris’s case), the gamer should have an opportunity to customize him according to his own gaming style - for example, to make him a robust fellow-expert on heavy arms, or a swift and nimble scout.

Wouldn't it have been better if they allowed the player to design the two characters completely from scratch, with very little predetermined history?

Spotted at DAC.

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