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Beyond Divinity Q&A at CRPG.RU

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Beyond Divinity Q&A at CRPG.RU

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 29 January 2004, 17:06:51

Tags: Beyond Divinity; Kris Taeleman; Larian Studios

CRPG.RU has scored an interview with Kris Taeleman of Larian about their current project, Beyond Divinity. Here's an impressive little bit about the skill system:

CRPG.RU: Once you have mentioned that the game will have such classes as warrior, mage, ranger, thief and others. Can you give the full class list? What are their distinctive features?

The new character development system really allows you to create a wide variety of characters. There are over 400 skill possibilities. Allow me to give you an example by considering the following ranger:

He's learnt the art of converting normal arrows into multiple elemental arrows. Because he's a wise man, he also learnt how to recover his arrows once he shot them. He cannot recover all arrows however, so he studied bartering a bit allowing him to get more arrows for less coin. He also learnt how to embellish equipment, just to make sure he can squeeze that extra coin from a merchant. Some enemies are resistant to elemental damage. That's why he learnt to make traps that can contain potent cursing magic, magic that decreases the resistances of enemies. Being a ranger, he's obviously boosted his accuracy, reload time, point blank shooting and critical hit skills for bows. He's also learnt how to repair his bow. Additionally he acquired the capabilities to increase his sight and to discourage creatures. That way, he can fire arrows at them while they are running away. Because some creatures cannot be discouraged, he learnt the art of pretending he's dead. So, if things get a bit too tight in the midst of battle, he can drop dead and wait for the enemies to walk away. At some point he studied tracking, allowing him to find his enemies easier. Because he realized he can't do everything alone, he got himself some summoning dolls. One of these dolls, he boosted to be resistant to elemental damages while at the same time being an expert in casting elemental attacks. He uses his doll when he is faced with a particular elemental incarnation. His doll is relatively immune to the incarnation, and can cast the antagonizing elemental spell at the incarnation. Another one of his dolls, he made very resistant to all kinds of damage and he further equipped it with the bait skill. That doll he uses to lure the enemy into his traps. The dolls is particular effective because it also has the swap places and flash skills. I could continue for quite some time, but I guess it's clear by now that there's room for quite some strategy in your character development.​

Sounds like a nice little character system there. Wonder what happens if the whole party does that feign death thing?

Spotted at: Blue's News

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