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Beyond Divinity newsletter #1

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Beyond Divinity newsletter #1

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 29 January 2004, 19:07:41

Tags: Beyond Divinity; Larian Studios

Larian has released their first newsletter about that upcoming Beyond Divinity CRPG they're making as a side-quel to Divine Divinity. Here's a clip on the background of the game:

At the end of Divine Divinity, the newly risen Divine One is seen walking away carrying a baby in he's arms. The baby has been prophesied to be the Damned One, an omnipotent evil god with the potential to have power equal to that of the Divine One and will bring chaos and destruction to the world.

The Divine One is unable to kill the Damned One as a baby, so the Divine One decides to bring-up and educated the child like his own son. He never teaches the child anything that had to do with might or power, and never telling him about he's origins or the abilities sleeping within him. The Damned One becomes a very ambitious, if at times rebellious student. Being very interested in almost any aspect of life, so he was often seen walking around Rivellon…​

At some point, we all know he's going to turn on Obi-Wan, don't we?

Thanks, Lynn!

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