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Paradise Cracked smacked by Next Level

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Paradise Cracked smacked by Next Level

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 2 February 2004, 16:07:00

Tags: Paradise Cracked

Next Level Gaming has gotten up their review of Paradise Cracked. To keep it short, the author found it a little less than average. Here's a taste:

Combat is rough going in the start and if you aren’t careful will render the game near unplayable. Your main character can’t shoot to save his life. While you do meet up with a soldier early on to watch your back (named “Job” who, as you guessed it was looking for a job). He has so few Action Points that by the time he does get in combat range, you and him are both torn to pieces by the superior aiming NPCs you couldn’t attack due to lack of action points. Even later with more squad members this problem does not go away, in fact due to having to move each individual squad member with no group move command, it becomes even worse.

Then mayhaps it's better to let the enemy come to you. Just a thought.

Spotted at: GenGamers

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