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GameTunnel speaks on niches and indies

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GameTunnel speaks on niches and indies

Editorial - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 8 February 2004, 14:28:54

Tags: Anito: Defend a Land Enraged

While somewhat off and on topic, I thought it was worth posting that GameTunnel has posted <A href="http://www.gametunnel.com/html/contentid-8.html"Out of Niche? (A risky trend in Indie gaming)[/url], an editorial about mainstreaming indie games. Here's a bit talking about Anito:

Recent "Indie" efforts include Savage, a multi-million dollar effort, and Anito, a fantastically deep Role-Playing game that is not a game that the casual gamer would consider playing. Garage Games is also deeply involved in trying to make Independent products mainstream, though they have several titles that appeal to both casual and mainstream gamers. In many of the instances where indie developers are pushing their products toward the mainstream, the main purpose isn't to make mainstream gamers aware of Indie efforts, but instead the idea is to help Indie developers gain more control and money off of the projects that they have created. As these efforts continue, a great dichotomy is being created in the Indie Gaming world. On the one hand, there are several companies that are sticking with the known audience, creating tried and true games for the 1-hour gamer, and often distributing their games through sites such as Real Arcade. On the other side is the mainstream movement, creating games for the hardcore gamer, and attempting to either distribute them through normal retail channels, or through the internet.​

Making indie games more mainstream and interesting to casual gamers would be the death of them. The whole reason I turned to them in the first place is because I wasn't happy with the mainstream. I wouldn't have bought Geneforge if it were a Baldur's Gate clone with less production value.

Spotted at: GenGamers

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