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Wicked Toast leaves crumbs all over Beyond Divinity

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Wicked Toast leaves crumbs all over Beyond Divinity

Preview - posted by Whipporowill on Mon 9 February 2004, 20:34:33

Tags: Beyond Divinity; Larian Studios

It seems that Wicked Toast has had the pleasure of getting their mittens[/url] on a preview copy of Larian's upcoming sequel to Divine Divinity - Beyond Divinity. Lucky buggers!

Here's a tasty:

BD has a rather interesting way of imbuing special abilities to characters. These skills must first be learnt before they can be used. This can be done by either getting hold of teaching books or being taught by an NPC. Once the skill is acquired skill points can be attributed to it which are gained every time a level is achieved. Fans of the original game will remember this system. Thankfully BD has expanded its use to create differing level effects allowing the player to create a hybrid character that can both clobber creatures with a sword and blast them into kingdom come with a fire ball.
I just love those games that are more or less classless, making up my character as I mosey along on my adventure. Divine Divinity did rather okay in that area, and it seems it's sequel will do even better. While the preview doesn't really say something unexpected (or new) for that matter, it contains a couple of gui screenshots that I personally haven't come upon before.

Spotted at: Bluesnews

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