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Larian releases... Imprunner?!

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Larian releases... Imprunner?!

Game News - posted by Whipporowill on Fri 13 February 2004, 15:48:07

Tags: Beyond Divinity; Larian Studios

As a combined Valentine's day spoof and pr stunt, the belgians behind the upcoming Beyond Divinity, gives you Imprunner:

February 13th 2004 – As a free Valentine’s gift, Larian Studios is pleased to announce the release of Imprunner.

In Imprunner, you guide your imp through an ancient ceremony, laid out to capture the heart of your loved one. Seduce your mate by collecting a vast amount of mushrooms and challenging the Floogefrogs.

In addition to offering “old school”, addictive gameplay, Imprunner hosts a horde of goodies:
- unique artwork illustrating the player’s progress (based on your actual journey in Beyond Divinity),
- unique screenshots of Beyond Divinity,
- the only way to enter the Beyond Divinity Contest.

That’s right, play Imprunner and win your copy of Beyond Divinity! Larian Studios will be giving away five copies of its upcoming RPG each week, until the release of Beyond Divinity. The winners will be announced weekly on the Beyond Divinity website.
This "old school" gameplay seems to consist of a 3D pacman-style game with power-ups. Worth a try for those bored with current games or those competative among you. Winning a free copy of Beyond Divinity is in the pot after all! To play visit the Beyond Divinity website for mirrors.

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