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Sacred praised by EDBIS

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Sacred praised by EDBIS

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 16 February 2004, 14:36:07

Tags: Sacred

EDBIS posted a positive preview of Sacred, which is, according to the reviewer, a well done single-player RPG with excellent graphics

With over thirty main missions and two hundred sidequests, Sacred offers plenty to do. NPCs who give main missions will look on you more kindly if you complete lots of sidequests. They can even join you as hirelings. If you’d rather play with real people, the game offers a multiplayer mode with support for up to sixteen players in one party at a time.

Whether alone or in a group, you’ll face plenty of opposition, from humans, monsters, the undead, and other things intent on killing you. You’ll have a trusty steed to help you through; mounted combat is included in the game. So is item creation; blacksmiths can create stronger weapons and armor using gems and magic items. The combat interface looks pretty simple. There are ten action slots: those on the left are for weapons and shields, and those on the right are for magic and special moves.​
Finally! A game with mounted combat. It would also be cool to buy some armor for your horsie, but I doubt it's in the game.

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