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Sacred gore nerfed

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Sacred gore nerfed

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 16 February 2004, 15:02:10

Tags: Encore Software; Sacred

Per this forum post on the Ascaron Forums, the actiony CRPG, Sacred will have have an English demo soon - but - the US version won't have all the gore. Here's a clip:

The US version of Sacred will have a teen 13 rating

The European version of Sacred will have a 12+ age rating

The US version (full game and demo) has reduced blood and gore.​

That's a BAD Encore Software! BAD!

I wanna kill! I wanna kill! I wanna eat burnt, baked bodies! I mean, kill! I want to get blood, gore, and veins all stuck between my teeth! I mean, KILL!

Thanks, Astromarine!

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